I’m Janos Honkonen, a 40-something writer of speculative fiction. After a career spanning rainbow trouts, computational linguistics, TV production, a psychogeriatric ward, sniffing acetone and grading it on a scale, tech, science and adult entertainment journalism, wrangling Moon Nazis and diving as a marine biologist I finally landed in the games industry, where I currently write for video games. In addition to squeezing out words I make occasional noise with a theremin.

I write both in Finnish and in English, so this page is an unfortunate mix of both.



  • “Kaiken yllä etana” – Finnish, Osuuskumma-kustannus 2013

Interactive Fiction

  • “The Rocket Man From The Sea”, 2012


  • “The Big Wind Up”, 2014 – English, Torsobear Volume 1: Yarns from Toyburg
  • “…But When Geppetto Talks to You”, 2015 – English, Torsobear Volume 2: All Stitched Up
  • “Red Flag, Black Flag, False Flag” – English, Torsobear Volume 3: Back on the Blocks

Short Stories

  • “Zeppelin II”, 2010 – English, Hilobrow.com – Finalist for the radium age flash fiction competition
  • “On The Beaten Path”, 2010 – English, Black Static #17 – one of the Campaign for Real Fear winners
  • “Walking Past My Life”, 2012 – English, Out of Place, Out of Time  anthology, Telling of Tales podcast
  • “Vespula”, 2013 – Finnish, Ruumiittomat, an anthology of ghost stories in Finnish.
  • “Ajatustason ohjausvirhe”, “Tiedä mitä haluat”, “Dinosaurukset rääkyvät ulkona” – Finnish, Kummalinnun munia series. Drabbles.
  • “Itse ilma syttyi tuleen”, 2015 – Finnish, Käärmeenliekit – an anthology of Finnish dragon stories.
  • “Formicidae”, 2012 – English, Usva International 2015
  • “Maailmanlopun meininki”, 2015 – Finnish, ROCKNOMICON – an anthology of heavy rock & metal stories
  • “Piru erehtyi vuodella”, 2015 – Finnish, Kristallimeri – an anthology of pirate stories
  • “Ne ovat niin helppoja saaliita”, 2017 – Finnish, Varjoisilta kujilta – an anthology of spefi cat stories.
  • “Eläimet huutaa, ihmiset ei huuda”, 2017 – Finnish, Tämä jalka ei ole minun – Kauhuja omasta kehosta – an anthology of body horror stories.
  • “Toiseksi tulleita ei lasketa”, 2017 – Finnish, Meliwas ja muita kaupunkeja – an anthology of urban fantasy.
  • “Kello ei ollut mitään, ei minään päivänä” – 2017, Finnish, Murtumia maisemassa – an anthology of urban exploration stories.
  • “Sadan vuoden huuto”, 2017 – Finnish, a standalone story published in Portti 4/2017 magazine and the winner of the yearly Portti competition.

Download Sadan vuoden huuto: pdf, epub. Print copies are 3€+postage and free for libraries etc., contact me via this site or on Facebook.


Awards & Nominations