I’m Janos Honkonen, a 40-something professional writer from Finland. My bibliography includes a novel, several short stories (including winners and nominees for Finland’s most prestigious speculative fiction competitions and awards), comics, award winning interactive fiction, lyrics, non-fiction and dozens of articles. My current day job is writing video games.

My full bibliography, games, awards etc. can be found here.

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Interactive Fiction: The Rocket Man From The Sea, winner of Spring Thing 2012

Branching Dialogue: A sample discussion from Thief of Thieves: Season One (PC/consoles):


Comic Script: The Big Wind-Up, published in Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg, an anthology of hard boiled crime stories in the land of toys.

Comic Script: Good Meat. A group of friends steal the body of their biologist friend to give her the burial she wanted.

Short Stories

Short Story: A Void Within the Eyeholes, originally published in Finnish in a mask-themed anthology called Naamiot.

Short Story: The Air Itself Caught Fire, published in the Never Stop anthology and a nominee for the Atorox prize.

Short Story: Formicidae, published in Usva International: